Statement of Tajik protesters in Istanbul, Vienna, Bonn and other cities

We, the Tajik activists living in Istanbul, Vienna, Bonn and other capitals around the world, are very concerned over the current situation in Tajikistan and Rahmon’s oppressive policies. 

Tajik nation nowadays faces the worst situation since the end of civil war in 1997 that may lead to the worst political crisis since independence in 1992 as well as it is very dangerous not only to Tajikistan, but also to the region as whole. 

The Tajik government does not have a long-term vision and determination to solve the problems of the people like national currency’s speedy fall, highest rate of unemployment after the return of Tajik immigrants from Russia, winter electricity crisis and other social, economic and political problems. Moreover, after banning the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan and arresting tens of its high-ranking members and their lawyers, the government has dramatically escalated its pressures on political activists and their family members, limited freedom, sank in nepotism and corruption, etc. The government has chosen the oppressive policies against its own citizens who dare to criticize it. 

Unfortunately, the government for hiding its own failure, helplessness and ineffectiveness in solving the social, economic and political problems of the country н to draw the attention of Tajiks and world society to other minor and less-important issues, like banning beards, hijab, Arabic-sounding names, converting hundreds of mosques to the places of musics, dancing and entertainment, preventing citizens under 40 years old from hajj, etc. 

We, the Tajik protesters, request our partner and friend countries, international organisations like UN, EU, OSCE, OIC, International Union of Muslim Scholar as well as human rights organisations like AI, Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, etc to urge the Tajik government to: 

1. End all kinds of pressures and persecutions of all political activists inside and outside the country and their family members inside the country. 

2. Free all political prisoners and detainees who were arrested on false and fabricated charges which links to their political activities. 

3. Ensure inclusion, freedom and respect to all citizens, regardless of gender, religion, political views, regions, etc. 

4. Not to interfere in people’s wills in choosing their appearance, their form of worship, their clothes, etc. 

5. Impose sanctions on Tajik top high-level officials including visa ban, freezing bank accounts and financial restrictions, etc. 

Tajik protesters in Istanbul, Vienna, Bonn and other cities around the world



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